Patch Day: January 17, 2018

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A ton of UI files were updated in today’s patch, but it was mainly just removing the Text Color code since now there is a way of globally changing the color of text. The only Interface that was affected by the patch was the Integrated Krome UI for the Guild Management Window, which has been updated.

Remember, when you first login, you will need to open your Guild Management Window and change your Page View to “all”, as it defaults to “100”. The “100” is really showing you offline & online members list, which is why you may only see a few people logged in until you change your settings.

Patch Day: December 12, 2017

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Ring of Scale launch day! All UI’s are updated for the expansion. I will possibly be editing some interfaces after the launch to hide the 14th spell slot until they release it in the future.

Patch Day: November 15, 2017

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Slowly getting updates done for 11/15/2017 patch day. I am finishing them so that they are current with Beta as well as Live.

So far I have updated Default Old, Integrated Krome, Emulated Warcraft and Integrated Warcraft. More to come as time permits.

Ring of Scale UI Beta Files

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Now that we are in beta for Ring of Scale, I decided to go ahead and make some UI updates for testing. I cannot do all of them since that would be just a waste of time but I have completed Default Old and Krome for beta and enabled the Download link on those pages. Let me know if you find anything wrong with them, thanks!

Patch Day: September 20, 2017

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Several XML files were updated in today’s patch, so all UI’s will need an update. The edits are time consuming so please be patient as I got threw them carefully. Watch the downloads section for the latest updated files. Thanks!

UPDATE: 9/21/17
All UI’s have now been updated. Enjoy!

Patch Day: July 19, 2017

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EverQuest has updated today, July 21, 2017 with only the EQUI_Animations.xml file being changed for some new image code.

The UI’s that have been updated today was:

Default Old (
Warcraft Emulated (
EQ2 Integrated (
Krome Integrated (
Warcraft Integrated (


Patch Day: June 21, 2017

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Patch day was 6/21/2017 and EQUI_LootSettingsWnd.xml was the only file altered.
A new Checkbox was added for “Show on new items only” for Toggling whether the Loot Window will auto show if the items are already marked an/ag/nvr and for master looter, auto ask/roll.
No UI updates needed.

Patch Day: May 17, 2017

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Today’s update to the live servers included a new UI element for tracking Calendar events. This update altered the EQUI_Animations.xml file which most UI’s used and will be edited if it is found in the list. The calendar, by default, has the # day aligned to the right which made the #’s cut off, so I aligned them all to the left which makes it work a bit better. All UI’s have now been updated to reflect these changes.

Small update to some Interfaces

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Yesterday I tested out the UI’s to ensure they are in good working order. Some of them I did a small update to compatibility with some minor updates that was done over the past few months. Mostly it was all related to the Item Display window and the Inventory window for the Mercenary stats. Other minor things were adjusted, such as the “Max Stack” label for the Alt. Currency was always positioned wrong, so that is fixed too.