Patch Day: June 19, 2019

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Today they patched a few UI files. Nothing major but several UI’s will need a small update to accommodate the new Exp Percentages that changed from 99% to 99.999%. Interface Listing: Default old: No update needed EMU Warcraft: Updated to version 16.5 – June 25, 2019 INTG Warcraft: Updated to version 16.5 INTG Krome: Updated to version 8.5 INTG EQ2 …

Patch Day: March 13, 2019

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Major patch today for all interfaces due to the implementation of tabbed chat windows. All UI’s have been updated and tested. There has been a lot of discussion about having the window title showing along with the tab. I have left it all in like Default has, this way if you want to remove it, you can – would be …

Patch Day: February 20, 2019

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Hurrah for patch day! All interfaces have been updated for the 2/20/2019 patch day that includes an update to all inventory windows that have been modified. The Default Old UI and Emulated/Integrated Warcraft UI did not need an update since those windows were not altered. Inventory window changes: Alt. Currency Tab has been updated to show which currency belongs to …

Updating Inventory

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So I decided after staring at the Ebon/Radiant currency on the main tab of the inventory for so many years … wondering…. why the heck don’t they get rid of it and incorporate it into the alt. currency tab… why is the Krono not considered a currency? I came up with a new version to move it myself and leaves …

Patch Day: January 16, 2019

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The first patch of 2019! There are no major updates needed to the interfaces, other than a new button has been added to the Inventory Window for “Reclaim All”. The only UI’s that did not need any updates is Default Old, Emulated Warcraft and Integrated Warcraft, since the Inventory Window has not been modified for those interfaces. Enjoy!

The Burning Lands UI Update

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I have went ahead and uploaded the Interfaces to be compatible with the launch of The Burning Lands on December 11th. Interfaces have been fully tested and checked on December 9th. If there are any changes that need to be done between now and launch day, I will do them as soon as possible. Feel free to comment on the …