T.King Briar Cast Spell Window

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This T.King “Briar” Cast Spell Window was created back in 2003 and was originally coded/maintained by Remelio & Kuvasie and is now maintained by Drakah. This Cast Spell Window has now been re-drawn and re-coded to show 13 spells for the Ring of Scale expansion.  Version 1.1  184 View(s)  16 Download(s)  141.68 KB

Audio Triggers

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Here are some common audio triggers used for in-game notifications along with the instructions in the ZIP file to explain how to install them. Please note: You cannot have EverQuest running when installing these triggers. Follow the directions and you will have no problems. Be sure to backup your “AT” file in your EverQuest/userdata folder before proceeding.    Version 1.0 …

Target Ring

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This target ring was created from the original idea from EverQuest 2’s target ring. It will animate when the Assist is set in group or raid and is very easy to see from long distances.  Version 1.0  380 View(s)  107 Download(s)  271.75 KB

Aggro Meter

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This replaces the default Aggro Meter to be more like the one you see in EQ2. The more aggro you get, the more fire you will see. The top number is YOUR aggro The NPC name is the one you have targeted, or that of the group assist has targeted. The Player name under it is the person who has …

Mail Button

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This replaces the Selector Window that is not commonly used. It only shows a simple mail icon that matches the EQ button to keep graphics consistent looking.  Version 1.0  297 View(s)  103 Download(s)  47.94 KB