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This replaces the default Aggro Meter to be more like the one you see in EQ2. The more aggro you get, the more fire you will see.

The top number is YOUR aggro
The NPC name is the one you have targeted, or that of the group assist has targeted.
The Player name under it is the person who has the most hated aggro, or if you have the aggro, is the person after you.
The percent under that is the aggro percent of the most hated aggro.

If you are just using the Default UI:
Just unzip file into the EverQuestuifiles
and it should make its own folder "drakah_eq2_aggrometer"
Just load that but dont add anything to it - ensure that the folder has files in it, and not a folder-in-another-folder.

Otherwise, if you are using a custom UI already, you can drop it into that folder, it doesn't conflict with anything.

The aggro meter window doesn't have a key-stoke set to it by default, you would have to set it.
Go to Keys --> Select category for UI --> set the Aggro Meter toggle to ...something. I used CTRL-ALT-A

PS - This will not work on progression servers until you obtain Rain of Fear.

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