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Krome User Interface (Integrated Series)

An interface which was created to give a simplistic look with simple chrome filigree.

All interfaces are compatible with EverQuest: Claws of Veeshan!

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Patch Day: June 16, 2021

Today they made an update to the Target Window, so that it will show all 97 buffs instead of only 85. All interfaces will need to be updated, so I will start to go threw them tonight to make the updates as needed. There should be no reason why the UI's won't still...

Patch Day: May 19, 2021

There was an update to the "EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml" file for Item Comparison. Previously, I removed this file from the following, so be sure you do not have this file in your UI, other than the Intg Krome UI. If you do, you probably will not see the Item Comparison...

Future Update: May 2021 – Item Display Window

So, in a future update, targeted for May, there will be an update to the EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml file to include the Item Comparison option drop-down list. Be sure you do NOT have this file in your interface. I will be removing this file from all interfaces so you do not...

Patch Day: April 21, 2021

No serious updates needed for this patch day, but I did update the INTG Krome UI for the "EQUI_BigBankWnd_Default.xml" file to be renamed to "EQUI_BigBankWnd.xml" for those who wish to not use the All Bags Bank Window version.  I would suggest however, if you are...

Patch Day: March 10, 2021

No UI updates needed! Enjoy!

Patch Day: February 17, 2021

No UI updates, so all is good.

Patch Day: January 20, 2021

No patch needed for today's update. They removed the "EQUI_HtmlWnd.xml, so the next time there is an actual update to the Default Old, I will make sure that file is not there moving forward, but leaving it there does not hurt. Enjoy!

Claws of Veeshan: All Interfaces are updated

As of December 6, 2020, all of the interfaces listed here are tested and are compatible with the Claws of Veeshan expansion! Enjoy!

Patch Day: November 18, 2020

No files needed to update, huzzah!

Patch Day: October 21, 2020

No UI updates needed for this patch day, but it was the day Claws of Veeshan was available for pre-order! Exciting stuff! 🙂

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