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Krome User Interface (Integrated Series)

An interface which was created to give a simplistic look with simple chrome filigree.

Beta Interfaces are available for testing!

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Patch Day: November 16, 2022

Hurrah! Patch Day! No UI files needed to be updated, sweet! Have a great day! 🙂

Night of Shadows Beta UI’s are now available!

Today I have finished all of the Interfaces for Night of Shadows (Beta). Please visit the Downloads section and click the Beta Link to open/show the files for that Category. If there are any issues, please let me know on the Forums. Thanks!

Patch Day: October 26, 2022

No UI updates needed 🙂

Night of Shadows Pre-Order Day!

Today, Everquest has given us the option to pre-order the newest expansion: Night of Shadows, to be launched in December! I will periodically check the Beta server for any updates it has to the interfaces as usual. Please be patient as the updates will not be...

Patch Day: September 21, 2022

All UI's that needed an update to reflect the changes to the Inventory window for level 100 Heroic selection drop-downs and Extended Target Window have been completed. These changes were only needed for the following and have been updated to version 18.5: Integrated...

Patch Day: August 17, 2022

Patch day! No files of concern were updated, just some DDS files. Enjoy!

Patch Day: July 20, 2022

I have been out for a few days just getting back checking on patches. It seems 2 files have been updated for the the EQUI_Animations and the EQUI_Templates. EDIT: All Interfaces have now been updated accordingly as of 7/24/2022. Thanks!

Patch Day: June 15, 2022

A few UI changes they did for today's patch but nothing that needs to be done. They adjusted the value space in the inventory to accommodate for longer digits of HP/Mana/Endurance, which I had already accounted for in the custom inventory windows for all interfaces....

Patch Day: May 18, 2022

Today's patch added the NPC's buffs/debuffs from 97 to a total of 200. All DoT classes rejoice! 🙂 No UI files were changed, as they were already updated in the last patch to accommodate the extra buffs/debuffs. Enjoy!

Patch Day: April 20, 2022

Daybreak forgot to update the Pet Window buff icons, so they did it this round. However, it broke all the interfaces again, so they have all been updated to version 18.3. I also made a slight adjustment to the main buff windows so that the label of the buff is behind...

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