GINA Triggers

Use settings below to receive triggers from Drakah before raid (not minutes before).
Receiving triggers from another player may cause duplicate triggers and/or issues.

Note: You can no longer download GTP files unless requested.


Problems and need a Fresh Installation?
1) Uninstall GINA
2) Open Run Window (Right Click on Windows Start and choose run)
3) Type: %localappdata% which will bring you to C:\Users\{yourusername}\AppData\Local
4) Delete GimaSoft folder.
5) Reinstall GINA and run.

Creating your User:
Be sure you have your EverQuest log file running for your character (/log on), otherwise GINA will not work!

  1. Click the User icon at the upper left to Add a character.
  2. Log File – select location of the log file (… dots button)
    C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\Logs
  3. Information should now be populated for Profile Name and Character Name automatically. Ensure the check-box is checked for Monitor on Startup.
  4. Select your Audio Settings for Volume/Voice, etc. and test out how your name is read by the computer by clicking on the green play button. Click Save.
    Note: If you want a different voice, not by Microsoft, you can purchase a voice at
    The Joey voice works excellent.
  5. Your character name should now be on the left with a Red circle next to it. This means it is now being monitored and will be On.
    If it has a Green circle, then it is not being monitored and is not enabled. At this time, it would be a very very good idea to create your BETA character too so you have it for the next expansion.

Edit Settings:
Upper left is a blue button with a white down arrow. Click this
and choose Settings.

  1. General Tab: Here you can adjust the Master volume of Gina for the voice, have the program minimize to system tray option, etc.
  2. Sharing Tab: Add Drakah to the Trusted Sender List and set both areas on the left to Trusted List.
    If you are a Tank, you might need to add Xorsazis to this list as he may need to give you a special Tanking folder.
  3. Log Maintenance Tab: Checkmark “Auto-archive log files”. This will automatically archive your current log file when it reaches 100MB (75mb would be even better) and start a new one. GINA does not like huge log files and can slow the program down when it gets too large. You can also set to have it delete files too if you wish.
    Without this setting, GINA can have issues, as in sending out repeating triggers or is lagging behind.
  4. Advanced Tab: Nothing here to worry about.
    (no picture needed)

NOW for the most important stuff…
Obtaining the Triggers BEFORE Raid:
(not 5 minutes before engage either)

There should be a RED circle to the left of your player name in GINA. If it is green, you have to click it to be RED. This should of already been done if you read the above instructions correctly.

  1. Send a tell to Drakah for triggers.
  2. You will receive Class/Guild/Raid folders via a tell In-Game that GINA will automatically download the triggers and install them for you. These folders will appear on the right side of GINA – with little arrows to the left of the names, where you can open the “tree” to show the sub-folders, if any exists. If you do not get the folders, then you need to re-visit the settings to ensure you have not missed anything.
  3. Once you have these folders showing, Right-Click on your Player name on the Left if GINA (green bar with a red circle)  – This will show CHECKBOXES next to each of the folders. A CHECKMARK means you have the folder fully enabled. A BLACK SQUARE means you have only some folders enabled.
  4. Open the CLASS folder and enable your Class folder.
  5. Fully enable the GUILD folder.
  6. Open the RAIDS folder and enable only the Current and Previous expansions. If you select more than this, GINA will be working harder than it needs to.
  7. Test your triggers in-game!
    A)   /say Shrink please – should give you text/voice for Shrink Please coming from Guild folder.
    B)   /say You can no longer heal – should give you a text/voice for Mana Drain for 10 seconds coming from the Raids folder of The Burning Lands.

Do you want your OWN un-touched triggers?
Since the Guild & Raids folder gets updated automatically (and Class at times), you do not want to edit anything there since that will get over-written once triggers are sent out again. Therefore, it is best to make your own that does not get affected by this.

  1. Create a folder called “Personal”, and add into that folder your own custom folders and triggers.

Your GINA window should now look similar to this!

You also MUST know how to Delete a Folder or a single Trigger.
Right-Click on a Folder (has a triangle to the left) or a single Trigger and choose DELETE. It is rare you would need to, but there have been cases where a trigger was not named or located correctly and has been re-created. If you do not delete the folder that the author has told you to delete, you can end up with wrong or duplicate triggers firing.

Customizing the overlay bars:
In order for GINA to work properly, you must be in WINDOWED mode. Some have said they can see GINA’s text overlays and timers in Full-Screen but I have not been able to accomplish this. This will show text on your screen and timer bars. You can resize them easily as well as customizing the font and color of the bar.

  1. Go to the Overlays tab from the top of the window and click the arrow under Default from the Stopwatch icon
  2. Choose “Properties”.
  3. Resize the window, move the window, etc. and click Save on the upper right
    Note: If the bar is too big, it will start flickering like crazy.
  4. Do the same for the Text overlay to alter the appearance of that as well.

That’s it!

If you decide to receive triggers from anyone else, other than Drakah, you may result in getting duplicate triggers or false sets and can cause issues. Ensure you have the “Sharing Tab” correct so you can request triggers in-game BEFORE RAID!
The Circle icon to the left of your Character Name should appear to be  RED (active).
If you have a Yellow (!) in the bar, then it cannot find a log file to parse. If it is GREEN (inactive), then you have to click it to enable it.

Note: You can double-click on your username and change the settings to have that Active every time you launch GINA.

Did you know you can have GINA pronounce a word correctly?
Click on “Gnomish Articulator” at the top of GINA. Here you can type in the word you want GINA to Find in the log file & click the Add + sign button to bring up the Phonetic Transform window. In the 1st box, type in the word you want to be corrected & in the 2nd box, type in the word phonetically that sounds correct. Click the Play icon to play the new word and click the Add button.
Example: The word “Drakah” can be phonetically spelled “Drackah” to say correctly in some voices.