Installing an Interface

There is no sound in the video, so it is not you cool

1) Download an interface from, under the Downloads section.

2) Extract the ZIP file.

3) Move the Extracted folder to “EverQuest\uifiles\”
Ensure you double check your extracted folder. There should be a bunch of files inside. If you see another folder inside. it will not work.

4) Load EverQuest.

5) Once in game, type /loadskin.

6) Select the interface to load. In this example, it would be: drakah_intg_krome

7) Once the UI has been loaded, all your windows will be all jacked up. Move them around according to the Screenshots I have posted so you understand what window is for what usage, etc.

Please note: There are little tiny tiny handles on most of the transparent windows. That is where you can grab the window with your mouse and lock/unlock/resize if available. There are many transparent “hotspots” that you will need to find around certain windows in order for you to lock/unlock/move them – namely, the Spell Gem Cast Window, Target Window and the Aggro Meter.