EverQuest Integrated Series Interface: Krome

An interface which was created to give a simplistic look with simple chrome filigree.

The Town Crier

Here you will find the latest news for the user interfaces that have been created for EverQuest. If you feel so inclined, you can leave a comment and I will be able respond as soon as possible.

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RSS Game Update Notes

  • Hotfix Notes December 1st December 1, 2016
    *** Hotfix *** The Summoning of Droga (raid) - The Incarnate Droga will no longer cast Blood Splash without an associated warning and a way to avoid the effect. On Behest of the Emperor - Fixed a problem that prevented Dread Overseer Akalod and Royal Guard Kakator from leaving corpses.
  • Game Update Notes: November 16, 2016 November 15, 2016
    November 16, 2016 _____________________ After decades of slumber, Imperator Tsaph Katta awakens and vows to reform the Combine Empire. With the former glorious capital of his nation rebuilt in the treacherous lands of Kunark, Tsaph Katta vows to cement his place in the annals of history as The Great Unifier. Not all are ready to […]

RSS News & Announcements

  • Servers locked December 3, 2016
    It was cool they did a server downtime at 1 am for about an hour. Hopefully not the main playing time for so many as usual. What is not cool is that it is now 3 and 1/2 hours later and many servers are locked. Well there goes the weekend as usual.
  • transfer charicter December 3, 2016
    when can we transfer toon to another server????

The Scrapbook

I am a fan of other designs and thought it would be nice to keep some of the artwork here that does not pertain directly to user interfaces.

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