Krome User Interface (Integrated Series)

An interface which was created to give a simplistic look with simple chrome filigree.

The Town Crier

Here you will find the latest news for the user interfaces that have been created for EverQuest. If you feel so inclined, you can leave a comment and I will be able respond as soon as possible.

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RSS Game Update Notes

  • Game Update Notes: September 19, 2018 September 19, 2018
    September 19, 2018 _____________________ *** Highlights *** - Made a number of improvements to the way spells are processed in an effort to improve zone responsiveness. - Changed the icon for several blue diamond items to help differentiate them from regular diamonds. - The commands /targetgroupbuff and /tgb have been removed and the behavior is […]
  • Hotfix Notes: August 22, 2018 August 22, 2018
    *** Quests & Events *** Planes of Power Progression - Fixed a bug with Grand Librarian Maelin's "lore" dialogue.

RSS News & Announcements

  • 10 year break, coming back. Progression vs continue old chars? September 24, 2018
    I played EQ for many years early on. I have a 70 shaman, 60'ish necro, 45'ish SK on the Luclin Server (Go Sheep Guild!). I watched some recent videos of EQ gameplay, especially the progression servers, and I'm thinking of coming back. Would you all recommend trying to get back into the game at level […]
  • Nec/wiz/mag damage contributions September 24, 2018
    I am not an int caster. I have a box wizard, but just for transportation. I main a cleric and rely now and always on melee DPS for the stuff I do. I have no "dog" in this particular "hunt." I was hoping to begin a conversation about int caster DPS. I have no idea […]

The Scrapbook

I am a fan of other designs and thought it would be nice to keep some of the artwork here that does not pertain directly to user interfaces.

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