Krome User Interface (Integrated Series)

An interface which was created to give a simplistic look with simple chrome filigree.


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RSS Game Update Notes

  • Game Update Notes: December 18, 2018 December 18, 2018
    December 18, 2018 _____________________ *** Items *** - Added the appropriate bard focuses to the Torn Efreeti Boots evolving line of items. - The Threadbare Weighted Tarbard evolving item line now has luck. *** Quests & Events *** - Tyrant of Fire - Fixed requirements to get the Deathless achievement. - Tyrant of Fire - […]
  • Game Update Notes: December 13, 2018 December 13, 2018
    December 13, 2018 _____________________ *** NPCs *** - The four speakers that spawn in the center of the Speaker's Amphitheater will no longer crowd each other and will obey the rules and only take their places once the previous speaker has left. *** Mercenaries *** - Fixed Jann and Drolvarg Mercenary strings that displayed bad […]

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  • Teek Daily Lacking Xp? January 16, 2019
    W/ lesson popped, at lvl 96, I get about 5% xp for the 5 mobs and daily completion. This is on the lvl 95 daily. I thought it used to give around 3 blues but could be wrong. 5-6% just seems low.100% of the xp is going to leveling and 0% to aa. Is something […]
  • Cannot scribe spells January 16, 2019
    I just got to level 75 my enchanter and bought their level 71-75 spells. For some reason, 5 of the spells cannot be scribed and when I try to copy them into the spellbook, either by dragging the scroll over or right clicking on the scroll from my inventory, the game will start attempting to […]