Patch Day: October 21, 2020

No UI updates needed for this patch day, but it was the day Claws of Veeshan was available for pre-order! Exciting stuff! 🙂

Krome UI Update – August 14, 2020

Updated the Big Bank window. The “Shared Bags” tab is now the 1st tab you will see when opening the Bank, by default.The “Shared Bags” tab is has a faint blue background color so you know visually you are in the shared bank.Made the Auto-Button...

Patch Day: July 15, 2020

The “Subscription Time” label is no longer in use, so all Interfaces that had a modified Inventory Window has now been updated to remove that. The only UI that did not need an update was Default Old and the Warcraft UI’s. Enjoy!

EQ2 Blue UI Updated for EverQuest II

I decided to login today to EverQuest II and figured I probably should update the UI so there are no issues 🙂 I did not do any of the other outdated ones yet, but at least there is the Blue one for now. Version now updated from 8.4 to 9.0.

Krome UI Update – June 6, 2020

Small update today. I added in a label for “Shared Bank” in the Big-Bank-Window so we all know which box is for the shared 🙂 Also made a slight code fix in the Actions window from a typo.

Patch Day: May 19, 2020

The only UI file that was updated was to the Overseer window, which none of the interfaces had customized, so no update is needed, hurrah! 🙂