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      First. I apologize for commenting on the BLOG POST and not coming here first.

      But. I have recently had to RE download the Krome UI after reinstalling EQ. I can no longer scale the spell bar to not show 13 spells. Mangler currently only has 8 slots available. Before i was able to scale the spell bar to hide the other 5 empty gem slots but i cant anymore. I can move it, i see the PLUS sign cursor but trying to go to the corner of these windows, which is painful, i cant grab the corner to scale like i use to.


        I logged in an alt who doesn’t have enough spell gems to test this.
        I unlocked the window and used the bottom-right corner handle to resize it without any issue.

        As for painful corners, they are drawn with only 1 or 2 pixels wide with an invisible border so that once locked, it isn’t something easily clickable, being in the way or noticeably visible when playing.

        There is a screenshot of where all the handles are for the whole UI at


          AH! Figured it out! I use a smaller buff window instead of the squares, and they are FIXED windows… Looks like setting those windows to FIX, it overrides all other SCALING options on other windows. Dumb… BUT! It works :).

          Just loaded up a new UI copy of Krome. Switched. Adjusted. Switched Back. Bang bang.

          Thank you for the response and the nudge towards the right direction 🙂

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            I never heard of anything overriding any window size scaling from another window, unless you are removing the code that creates the “invisible handle” to resize many windows. Be sure to check the UIErrors.txt file for any imagery/code you might be missing if you are patching the UI with other custom XML files. My interfaces really do not work well with other author’s file code since most of my files are dependent on other windows for code.

            For example, if you are replacing the EQUI_BuffWindow.xml in my UI with someone else’s, you are also removing the code for “drakah_buffframe.tga” texture (which I believe is used in the song and pet window) that now can potentially crash your game or make it sluggish since it is trying to draw that image but can’t find it. There is also code in there for “WDT_BuffWindow” template and “WDT_drakahSimpleCornersBorder” which could be used in other windows.

            So be careful replacing any files in there, it can easily break something else you may not be aware of.


              So love Steel and Krome. Such clean, easily visible work without a lot of cluttering elements. Couldn’t get the steel target window to move at all so switched to Krome. I prefer the spell bar from steel with the little dots indicating the spell target type but Krome is certainly nice!

              Anyway, only issue I have is that in Krome the spell bar is really small and the icons a bit squished looking. I’m running 1920×1080 resolution and everything looks good otherwise. I buffed up the hot bar sizes to help with reading the text (my eyes are just not what they were in 1999).

              I was able to up the size of the text next to the spells in the spell bar, which at least makes that part easier to read. I love the size of the buff bar spell icons. Is it possible to boost the size of the spell bar overall to something between the current size and the size of the icons in the buff bar? I totally don’t know how to edit xml and just kind of guessed at boosting the text size from 1 to 3.

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                This is a common question, but EverQuest does not allow the UI elements to be scale-able like they do in games like Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have brought this up to them but would require a complete overhaul on the system.

                To make the spell bar icons larger, would require a whole new spell gem window to be re-created from scratch, it isnt easy just to enlarge the icon, all the elements move and has to be compensated for. Same idea goes to everything else, just isn’t easy to do.

                I think at some point I would like to attempt to make a larger version of Krome for larger monitors, but will have to wait until I buy larger monitors. Currently I run at 1680×1050 on a 22″ monitor.

                As for the window not being able to be moved, some elements I make on a window is invisible, you have to right-click around it to find the sweet spot to be able to unlock the window and move it. For Krome, see the extra screenshots to show you where the movable handles are.
                Don’t forget to resize your buff bar… the text goes under the icon, not on the side of it.

                But for future UI edits/additions, I am paying all the attention to the Krome UI since it is the most minimal and cohesive than all the others.


                  Thanks for the quick reply. I struggle with most of the ui options because of eyesight and the resolution making everything tiny. I’m running on a laptop that can do 4k and it’s hard to balance things out.

                  Your ui options are so much easier to read, the text is so clear and there’s a lot of contrast. So I’m going stick with krome and look forward to your updates.

                  Thanks for all your hard work.


                    Most welcome 🙂 I hope to do a larger version in the future, or maybe DB may give us the ability to scale I hope! But I agree, it is easier on the eyes and such.

                    Btw, if you hate the new bank window with all the bags, you can delete the XML file for it, it won’t break it.

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