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    Preliminary updates are now available in the Downloads section for the Night of Shadows expansion.
    Please note, the EQUI_LootWnd.xml has been removed from all Interfaces, except the Krome UI.
    If you update the Krome UI before expansion is live, you will get some Red text that your XML files are not compatible. Either just ignore it or do not patch until the expansion has been launched.

    Be sure you use a fresh Interface installation. The EQUI_LootWnd.xml has been changed to the following:

    INTG Krome – UPDATED EQUI_LootWnd.xml
    INTG Steel – Not found
    INTG Tking – Not found
    EMU Warcraft – DELETED EQUI_LootWnd.xml
    INTG Warcraft – DELETED EQUI_LootWnd.xml
    INTG EQ2 – DELETED EQUI_LootWnd.xml
    INTG Blue – DELETED EQUI_LootWnd.xml

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