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    I have uploaded the changes needed to the handful of interfaces that needed them already for this coming patch on Wednesday. These versions are now 18.5. They added a new drop-down selection for a Heroic level toon in the inventory window, so I placed that above the Heroic Button and moved the Face button to the top. They also made a visual for the Con-Color around each target in the Ext.Target Window. Unfortunately, they hard-coded how this border shows, so the Aggro percent needed to be moved to the bottom left of each element to encapsulate the entire element, as that is where the border anchor starts. So bizarre.

    These include:

    Integrated EQ2
    Integrated EQ2 Blue
    Integrated Krome
    Integrated LOE
    Integrated Steel
    Integrated TKing
    Personalized Adeptus

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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