Hurrah for patch day! All interfaces have been updated for the 2/20/2019 patch day that includes an update to all inventory windows that have been modified. The Default Old UI and Emulated/Integrated Warcraft UI did not need an update since those windows were not altered.

Inventory window changes:

  • Alt. Currency Tab has been updated to show which currency belongs to which expansion as well as information for that type of currency.
  • Krono has been moved to the Alt. Currency Tab.
  • The Ebon/Radiant crystals have moved to the Alt. Currency Tab.
  • The Evolving items tab has been removed.

The Krome UI also now has tribute timers on the Actions Window, as well as a new Raid Window that has the Management controls on a different tab & is fully resizable. This will allow more flexibility for the player to use the window to select raid members efficiently without staring at controls that only the raid leader can use.